Giving to SFBC&TS

Ministry Overview of SFBC&TS


Over the years, SFBC&TS has been blessed by many organizations, and individuals, who donated generously to assist us in our efforts. In order to demonstrate our heartfelt appreciation, we are providing this page and information about our kind and generous benefactors.

Like all educational and non-profit organizations, we rely on the generosity of others to help us achieve our goals, and keep our fees and tuition costs down. We truly hope others will join in the joy and blessing of giving, and help us grow in our service to the Lord, which manifests through our providing a quality Christian education to those striving to answer the call of God in their lives.


SFBC&TS has established a new donation program. This program is called: "GIFTS." This stands for "Giving from the Soul." There are two separate projects under the GIFTS Program. One is the Benefactors Recognition Program, and the other is the Library Program. These are discussed below.

Benefactors Recognition Program

The Benefactors Recognition Program has four goals: (1) To reach our goal of obtaining a $1 Million dollar grant to further our accrediting status; (2) To continue to offer the highest quality Christian education to our national and international students; (3) To grow our service to the communities we joyously serve, here and abroad; and (4) To glorify the Lord in all our endeavors, which are performed on His behalf.

The Benefactors Recognition Program consists of seven levels:

PlatinumDonations from $1M & up
DiamondDonations from $500k to <$1M
GoldDonations from $250k to $499k
SilverDonations from $100k to $249k
BronzeDonations from $50k to $99k
EmeraldDonations from $10k to $49k
PearlDonations to $9999


Benefactors donating to SFBC&TS in one or more of the amounts above will be acknowledged here, unless anonymity is requested. If anonymity is requested, only a recognition of the donation will be listed, but not the donor. Donations by specific companies and individuals will be tracked and moved up appropriately as the next level is achieved.

Library Program

 The Library Program is focused on increasing the number of books in the college's library. SFBC&TS must increase its library to over 50,000 Christian and educational books (the books should follow our curricula) in support of our efforts towards additional accreditations. (Please visit the "Hall of Fame" page, which lists those who have so generously donated a significant numbers of books to SFBC&TS.)

We are accepting book donations, whether new or used, such as in the following Christian and educational classifications: Religion; Christian Spirituality; Theosophy; Christian Education; Bible Study aids; Bibles in approved translations and other languages; Greek language studies; Hebrew language studies; Bible dictionaries; Bible history; Christian church history; Dead Sea Scrolls; Psychology; and more. Refer to the SFBC&TS Catalog for more examples of the types of books needed. Please donate books in good condition, if possible.

Call us or email the BookStore if you are interested in donating books to SFBC&TS.

New books may be purchased at and may be sent to SFBC&TS, and to the attention of: "The GIFTS Program." If you require a receipt for tax purposes and are shipping the books yourself, please enclose a self-addressed stamped enveloped (SASE) and a note indicating a receipt is requested. This will ensure a timely reply to your request and save us the postage expense. If you are shipping books to us from, please mail us a separate letter, with an enclosed SASE, and a receipt will be sent to you.

Special Thanks

SFBC&TS sincerely appreciates all those who give of themselves through their donations. Every donation, regardless of amount, is deeply appreciated and most welcome. We thank you for your generosity and we bless you in our prayers. Through your help you truly join us on our journey to excellence in His Name.