Master of Arts (M.A.) in Christian Counseling

 This program is not accepting new students effective January 2011.

Upon completion of the Master of Arts in Christian Counseling, the graduate should be able to:

1. Synthesize Christian knowledge and the Biblical Worldview with psychological methodology;

2. Evaluate both Christian and secular psychological approaches in order to employ appropriate counseling field methods;

3. Develop interviewing skills and psychological techniques that reflect diverse counseling theories;

4. Formulate counseling strategies and apply them to a practical research project/thesis; and

5. Develop the mastery of various counseling approaches that can be utilized in the Christian community and beyond.

This program consists of fifty-two credit hours of study, clinical supervision that includes 600 hours of counseling practicum with an approved Christian counselor or psychologist, and a thesis. Individuals who fulfill the requirements of the program will receive the Master of Arts degree in Christian Counseling.

 This is the breakdown of the core curriculum for the graduate major in Christian Counseling:


Breakdown of core curriculum...
ClassClass DescriptionCredits

Human Development: Birth and Death

3 Credits
CCO510Christian Counseling3 Credits
CCO610Law for the Christian Counselor3 Credits
CCO616Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders3 Credits
CCO622Mediation3 Credits
CCO624Administrative & Organizational Procedures3 Credits
CCO560Crisis and Intervention3 Credits
 CCO 631Critical Problems in Children & Youth3 Credits
 CCO 590Counseling Addictions & Addictive Behavior3 Credits
 CCO 634Marriage Counseling3 Credits
 PSY 612Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders3 Credits
 CED 612Writing Research Papers Across the Curriculum3 Credits
 CCO 580 Counseling Children, Adolescents and Adults3 Credits
 CCO 570 Counseling & Abuse3 Credits
PSY550Group Theory & Practice3 Credits
 CCO 670Graduate Research4 Credits
 CCO680Practical Project6 Credits
  Total: 52 Credits