Master of Divinity (M.Div.)

Upon completion of the Master of Divinity program, the graduate should be able to:

1.Develop a mastery of the Scriptures and Christian doctrine and apply this knowledge to ministries in the U.S. and abroad;

2.Apply professional ministry skills, counseling techniques, and effective leadership to one’s specific concentration of study;

3.Defend the church’s worldwide mission of gospel proclamation, discipleship, and social change;

4.Formulate ministerial strategies and apply them to a practical research project/thesis.

The Master of Divinity is the basic professional degree for the ministry. It is an advanced program integrating the fields of biblical literature, theological/historical studies, and the practices of ministry. It prepares persons for effective ministry as pastors, church associates, evangelists, chaplains, and a broad variety of ministries. It consists of ninety credit hours of specific and independent studies.

Pre-requisite: One year of beginning Greek. If a student has not taken beginning Greek, this class will be added to the degree program.

This is the breakdown of core curriculum for the Master of Divinity:

Breakdown of core curriculum...
ClassClass DescriptionCredits
THE511New Testament Theology3 Credits
THE512A Biblical Theology of the Old Testament3 Credits
THE561Systematic Theology I3 Credits
THE562Systematic Theology II3 Credits
THE563Systematic Theology III3 Credits
THE571Christian Apologetics3 Credits
THE612Christian Ethics3 Credits
THE661Biblical Hermeneutics3 Credits
HIS502Church History I3 Credits
HIS503Church History II3 Credits
LAN504Biblical Greek Exegesis I*3 Credits
LAN505Biblical Greek Exegesis II* or3 Credits
LAN507 Beginning Hebrew I*3 Credits
LAN508Beginning Hebrew II*3 Credits
MIN612Pastoral Counseling3 Credits
MIN505 Pastoral Leadership3 Credits
MIN501Homiletics: Moves & Structures3 Credits
NTS523Pastoral Epistles3 Credits
OTS511Pentateuch I3 Credits
OTS512Pentateuch II3 Credits
MIN503Missiology3 Credits
MIN611Pastoral Theology3 Credits
MIN601Church Growth and Evangelism3 Credits
MIN650Worship Experience3 Credits
CED612Writing Research Papers Across the Curriculum3 Credits
MIN670Graduate Research: Theory and Methods3 Credits
MIN Specialization Electives**12 Credits
MIN680Thesis/Practical Project6 Credits
  Total: 90 Credits


* Language Requirement:  Students can complete their language requirement in one of the following ways:

    1.  LAN 504 and LAN 505

    2.  LAN 504 and LAN 507

    3.  LAN 507 and LAN 508


**Specialization Tracks:  Students can complete degree specialization requirements with courses in one of the following tracks:

1. Ministry: 12 Credits (MIN 504, MIN 511, MIN 602, MIN 623, MIN 604)

2. Chaplaincy: 12 Credits (MIN 613, CCO 510, CCO 560, CCO 610, PSY 525, MIN 640)