Masters Degree Candidates

In addition to the general procedures listed above, the student must:

  1. Have earned a Baccalaureate degree from a recognized college or university (120 hours credit or more, including transfer and assessed credit).
  2. Submit a full set of transcripts of all colleges and/or graduate schools attended. Catalogs may be requested from those schools listed on the transcripts.
  3. Write a Masters thesis. The thesis must be typewritten, double spaced, and not less than fifty (50) pages, covering a topic in the student’s field of study. The thesis is in addition to the program requirements. The thesis is six (6) credit hours. There is a one-year time limit for the thesis. After completion of your course of study, two (2) professionally bound copies are to be provided to SFTS.
  4. Some degree programs require practicums or labs. Be sure that you are able to accommodate your schedule to complete these practicums or labs within one year after completion of all coursework.
  5. To learn more about the graduate programs, click on these Academics, Catalog and M.A. Degree links.