Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Biblical Studies

On completion of the Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies, the graduate should be able to:

    • Identify the history, content and background of the Bible;
    • Demonstrate an understanding of fundamentals of Christian doctrine and theology;
    • Apply Biblical hermeneutics to an exegetical research project; and
    • Demonstrate the importance of the Biblical worldview in Biblical studies.

The division of Biblical Studies offers majors in Bible. Each major is designed to equip an individual with a thorough knowledge of God’s Word and various related subjects.

Breakdown of core curriculum...
ClassClass DescriptionCredits
Bible Requirements
BBL101Old Testament Survey3 Credits
BBL111Biblical Covenants3 Credits
BBL151New Testament Survey3 Credits
BBL201Bible Doctrines Survey3 Credits
  Bible Electives11 Credits
General Education Requirements
ENG101English Composition I3 Credits
ENG102English Composition II3 Credits
ENL211Literature3 Credits
SPH101Speech3 Credits

United States History I OR

HIS101 History of Civilization I

3 Credits
SCI201Biology3 Credits
SCI125Earth Science3 Credits
MAC301College Algebra I3 Credits
MAC302College Algebra II3 Credits
MIW201World Religions3 Credits
GED101College Orientation1 Credit
 PHS 210 Philosophy3 Credits
  Psychology or Sociology3 Credits
Core Curriculum
BBL280Gospels:  The Life of Christ3 Credits
BBL370Hermeneutics3 Credits
BBL230Paul's Prison Epistles3 Credits
HIS312Church History3 Credits
BBL232Old Testament Historical Books3 Credits
BBL300Christian Ethics3 Credits
BBL301Pentateuch I3 Credits
BBL307Old Testament Poetry3 Credits
BBL309Old Testament Prophets3 Credits
BBL333General Epistles3 Credits
BBL450New Testament Biblical Backgrounds3 Credits
LAN Language (Lan 401-405)6 Credits
BBL460Senior Seminar3 Credits
BBL466Romans3 Credits
THE401Christian Apologetics3 Credits
THE331Systematic Theology I3 Credits
THE332Systematic Theology II3 Credits
  General Education Electives6 Credits
  Total: 120 Credits