Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Christian Clinical Counseling

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Clinical Counseling, the graduate should be able to:

    • Integrate biblical knowledge with psychological methodology so as to function as an efficient counselor;
    • Be conversant with an array of psychological approaches, both Christian and secular, including theoretical and applied principles;
    • Display a basic competence in interviewing skills and psychological techniques;
    • Show familiarity with the classical personality theories; and
    • Demonstrate familiarity with the basic principles of psychological research.

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Clinical Counseling criteria: The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Clinical Counseling program will prepare the student to a basic competence in interviewing skills and psychological techniques. The student will utilize the knowledge of how diverse personalities respond differently to psychology and evangelism.

Breakdown of core curriculum...
ClassClass DescriptionCredits
Bible Requirements
BBL101Old Testament Survey3 Credits
BBL111Biblical Covenants3 Credits
BBL151New Testament Survey3 Credits
BBL201Bible Doctrines Survey3 Credits
  Bible Electives20 Credits
General Education Requirements
ENG101English Composition I3 Credits
ENG102English Composition II3 Credits
ENL211Literature3 Credits
SPH101Speech3 Credits
HIS212United States History I OR History of Civilization I3 Credits
SCI201Biology3 Credits
SCI125Earth Science3 Credits
MAC301College Algebra I3 Credits
MAC302College Algebra II3 Credits
MIW201World Religions3 Credits
GED101College Orientation1 Credit
PHS  210Philosophy3 Credits
  Psychology or Sociology3 Credits
Core Curriculum
PSY104Psychology & Counseling
3 Credits
PSY160Human Sexuality3 Credits
PSY180Organizational Psychology3 Credits
PSY204Psychology of Childhood3 Credits
PSY228Social Psychology3 Credits
PSY312Tests & Measurements
3 Credits
PSY330History & Systems of  Psychology3 Credits
PSY380Personality3 Credits
PSY408Abnormal Psychology
3 Credits
PSY208 Psychology of Adolescence3 Credits
PSY430Educational Psychology3 Credits
PSY 212 Psychology of Adulthood3 Credits
CCO  302 Christian Counseling Ethics3 Credits
 CCO 410 Theories in Counseling and Psychotherapy3 Credits
PSY350Group Dynamics3 Credits
CCO450Behavioral Science Practicum3 Credits
CCO461Senior Project in Behavioral Science3 Credits
  Total: 120 Credits