South Florida Bible College & Theological Seminary (SFBC&TS) was founded in 1985 to prepare dedicated men and women for service to the Lord by providing a quality Christian education. The Lord has richly blessed our efforts through the years, and in 2005, SFBC&TS celebrates its twentieth year in the Lord’s service. SFBC&TS provides a theological education wherein Biblical standards of Christian faith and life are established and maintained. This is accomplished through quality instruction; the study of theological concepts; cultivation of a spiritual life; and performance of Christian service. 

At SFBC&TS, students are challenged to think critically; work independently; communicate clearly; and express themselves creatively. Yet, SFBC&TS offers students a warm, personal interaction that many institutions aspire to attain.

Many SFBC&TS graduates achieve success as teachers, administrators, youth ministers, missionaries, pastors, counselors, as well as accomplishments in other professions. Whether attending part-time, full-time, on campus, or through distance learning, students can fulfill God’s educational plans for their lives while spreading the Gospel and sharing the love of Jesus.

“Come join us in making history.”