Program Overview - ONLINE

With the REACH Adult Degree Completion Program, South Florida Bible College (SFBC) offers an accelerated option for adult students ONLINE, desiring to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. There are two majors. The Business Administration and Management major (BA&M) is for those who are involved in or plan to be involved in leadership development or management. This program provides adult students with sets of skills for marketplace professions or vocational ministry.

The Leadership and Ministry major (L&M) is for those wanting to effectively integrate biblical truths with contemporary life and thought, coupled with practical ministry skill courses for both vocational and lay ministry. SFBC exists to equip leaders to more effectively impact their world.

REACH Degree Completion students:
• Have completed at least two years of college, university, or technical school with the equivalent of at least 48 semester hours credit or more.
• Are at least 23 years of age.
• Are highly motivated to finish their degree.
• Can schedule their time carefully and discipline themselves to meet the rigorous demands of this program.
• Want to complete their degree in a setting where faculty and staff are sincerely interested in students and their future.
• Are typically employed full-time.
• Want to develop their gifts to enhance their vocational careers in marketplace professional or ministry settings and/or volunteer leadership (i.e. nonprofit).

Through the REACH Adult Degree Completion Program, students will:
• Earn a Bachelor of Arts degree ONLINE in approximately 22—24 months from a Christian institution.
• Convert significant life experiences into college credit by documenting past training, work-related projects and competencies.
• Improve communication, leadership skills and vocational effectiveness.
• Receive individualized instruction and specific attention to problem areas of learning.
• Gain satisfaction and the financial rewards that go with it while fulfilling an educational goal.

Program Emphasis
The REACH Adult Degree Completion Program is unique. The curriculum contains sixteen to eighteen modular courses that are taken in sequence. The term “modular course” signifies the integrated nature of this curriculum. It is not a collection of independent courses but rather a unified curriculum with sequential courses. Students will receive a Bachelor of Arts degree (L&M major or BA&M major) upon completion of the requirements for graduation. As students entering the program will likely have professional employment experience, the course of study will help them apply this practical experience in formal education for their greatest benefit.

At registration, students receive a class schedule for the entire program. The classes are ONLINE for about 22 months. The schedule is planned to allow time for holidays and brief breaks throughout the year. Students register as a group and move through the program together, taking courses in sequence one at a time. Such groups registering together are called “cohorts.” The courses are scheduled over four semesters equaling 48—54 semester hours of credit. The curriculum is distributed in a series of Student Guides given to the students with detailed assignments for each week.

South Florida Bible College holds full accredidation with the Commission on Accreditation of The Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE), 5575 South Semoran Blvd., Orlando, Florida 32822, Ph. (407) 207-0808.


South Florida Bible College & Theological Seminary (SFBC&TS) is a member in good standing with the American Federation of Colleges and Seminaries.