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Online Bible courses as well as on-campus courses are offered at our college and seminary. The Lord has richly blessed our efforts through the years, and in 2015, SFBC&TS celebrated its thirtieth year in the Lord’s service. SFBC&TS provides a theological education wherein Biblical standards of Christian faith and life are established and maintained. This is accomplished through; quality instruction, the study of theological concepts, cultivation of a spiritual life, and performance of Christian service. These are truly “works of service through which the body of Christ may be edified.” Contact Us for more information or contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Research found below.

Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Research

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Research provides information and data to the college and seminary’s community and external constituencies. This office is responsible for:

  • Providing support and assistance for each department in terms of analyzing, assessing, reporting, and improving their program effectiveness
  • This data is then used to report on specific issues

Click on the links below for more information, or you can visit the Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Research page to read more data.

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The Bible is central here at SFBC&TS, and whether online or on-campus, students are challenged to think critically; work independently, communicate clearly, and express themselves creatively while at the same time offering students a warm, personal college setting that many institutions aspire to attain. Many SFBC&TS graduates achieve success as teachers, administrators, youth ministers, missionaries, pastors, counselors, as well as obtain accomplishments in other professions. Whether attending part-time or full-time on campus or through distance learning, students can fulfill God’s educational plans for their lives while, at the same time, spreading the Gospel to non-believers and sharing the love of Jesus with fellow Christians.

Check out our video for more information on our fully-accredited private Christian College offering undergraduate and graduate degrees with online studies or on campus located in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

Our Campus

We are close to many amenities in South Florida. The Campus for South Florida Bible College & Theological Seminary is situated along Federal Highway, a main thoroughfare in Deerfield Beach, Florida.  The campus is less than one mile from the beautiful beach and is within thirty minutes of three major airports.  The campus is approximately 10,000 sq. ft. including classrooms, chapel, bookstore, the newly renovated student center, and the Steven R. Sylvester Library:  The library houses the college’s collection of books, journals, periodicals, as well as learning and computer resources for student use. 

Directions to SFBC&TS in Florida may be obtained through the Contact Us link. We may also be reached by telephone and email (please contact the Admissions office).