Academic Advising

All new students will receive an advisor or counselor contact upon admission to the college. Academic advisors and counselors are available to provide information on skill prerequisites, help students plan class schedules, discuss curriculum choices, and provide academic personal support. Students are encouraged to meet with an advisor or counselor prior to their first semester and at least annually thereafter. As student’s progress in their program of study, advisors or counselor can identify courses that remain to be completed.

Time Frame:

Time Frame represents the maximum number of SFBC attempted credits for which the student may receive financial aid funding. For each student, Time Frame is computed individually according to the following formula:
(Published Program Length)  x  150%
Students will be ineligible to receive financial aid funding for credits attempted beyond the Time Frame maximum
Incomplete/Repeated Courses
Students who receive an Incomplete (“I”) grade or who repeat courses will be ineligible to receive aid beyond the time frame for completion of a degree regardless of whether they have completed the necessary course requirements for the degree.
Failed Courses
Students who receive a failing grade (“F”) in all of their courses will be required to submit documentation that they attended classes or be subject to repayment of their financial aid.


Chapel attendance is mandatory.