Associate of Arts (A.A.) in Biblical Studies

Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies

Upon completion of the Associate of Arts (A.A.) in Biblical Studies, the graduate should be able to:


1.      Demonstrate skills in critical thinking;
2.      Identify and understand basic biblical doctrines and history;
3.      Exhibit proficiency and competency in GE/AA courses and coursework;
4.      Utilize personal and academic feedback;
5.      Demonstrate basic communication skills and readiness for upper division courses;
6.      Demonstrate involvement in local ministries, spiritual disciplines, and devotional practices; and
7.      Demonstrate the importance of the Biblical worldview in general studies.


Breakdown of core curriculum…
Class Class Description Credits
Bible Requirements
BBL 101 Old Testament Survey 3 Credits
BBL 111 Biblical Covenants 3 Credits
BBL 151 New Testament Survey 3 Credits
BBL 201 Bible Doctrines Survey 3 Credits
General Education Requirements
ENG 101 English Composition I 3 Credits
ENG 102 English Composition II 3 Credits
ENL 211 Literature 3 Credits
HIS 101 History of Civilization I 3 Credits
MAC 101 College Algebra I 3 Credits
MIN 101 Introduction to Evangelism 3 Credits
MIW 201 World Religions 3 Credits
SCI 125 Earth Science 3 Credits
SPH 101 Speech 3 Credits
PHS 201 Introduction to Logic 3 Credits
PHS 210 Philosophy 3 Credits
PSY 102 Psychology 3 Credits
Bible Electives 12 Credits
Total: 60 Credits