Master of Arts (M.A.) in Religious Education

 Master of Arts (M.A.) in Religious Education

This program is not accepting new students effective January 2011.

The objectives of the Master of Arts in Religious Education program is to produce students able to:

    • A knowledge of the abilities and skills which enhance a wholesome teacher- student-parent relationship in working with students identified as at-risk readers in order to develop a case study;
    • A knowledge of those skills necessary to recognize and accommodate for individual differences in literacy instruction;
    • A knowledge of how to plan, supervise, and enhance programs as a reading consultant;
    • A knowledge of and ability to demonstrate effective literacy instructional strategies;
    • A knowledge of communicating information about literacy;
    • A knowledge of the relationship of literacy skills to subject matter content areas;
    • A knowledge of a broad range of children’s and adolescent’s literature and how to incorporate this literature into the classroom.
    • A knowledge of how to effectively support and mentor educators and serve as a literacy leader.

The goal of this graduate program is to prepare teachers and administrators in the field of Christian Education. Applicants seeking to become involved as teachers and/or administrators in Bible Schools/Colleges, or in Christian schools, should pursue a graduate degree in Religious Education.

This program consists of thirty-seven credit hours of specific and independent studies. Pre-requisite: One year of Language (Biblical or modern or one year of language will be added to the program).

Breakdown of core curriculum…
Class Class Description Credits
CED 503 Teaching for Reconciliation 3 Credits
CED 602 School Business Administration 3 Credits
CED 604 Developmental School Counseling Programs: From Theory to Practice 3 Credits
CED 605 The Principalship 3 Credits
CED 606 Legal Requirements for Christian Schools 3 Credits
CED 607 Christian Schools: How to Get a School Going and Keep it Growing 3 Credits
CED 609 Secondary Principal’s Survival Guide 3 Credits
CED 511 Team Leadership in Christian Minitry 3 Credits
CED 612 Writing Research Papers Across the Curriculum 3 Credits
    One Elective
(CED 513 Elementary Ed. -or- CED 610 Secondary Ed.)
3 Credits
    Thesis 6 Credits
    Total: 36 Credits