Master of Divinity (M.Div.) – Non-Biblical languages

Master of Divinity (M.Div.) – Non-Biblical languages

This program is not accepting new students effective January 2011.

The objectives of the Master of Divinity program is to produce students able to:

    • To produce students competent in their knowledge of the Scriptures and Christian doctrine
    • To equip students with professional ministry skills for the service of the church and community
    • To encourage students to develop a theology of ministry that validates and supports ministry skills
    • To enable students to learn in a setting that values real-life experience by providing convenient and efficient class scheduling
    • To facilitate the development of the student’s personal spiritual character
    • Ultimately, to produce students who are successful in the ministry of Jesus Christ

The Master of Divinity without biblical languages is a terminal degree.  This degree is for those who are interested in a degree that will prepare them for the pastorate, but are not able to take the biblical languages (Hebrew and Greek).  This program of study is a foundational degree for those interested in the pastorate, associated ministries in the church, missionary services, evangelistic work, chaplaincy, and other ministry positions.  It consists of ninety credit hours of specific and independent studies.  Pre-requisite:  A bachelor’s degree from an approved institution.

Breakdown of core curriculum…
Class Class Description Credits
THE 511 New Testament Theology 3 Credits
THE 512 A Biblical Theology of the Old Testament 3 Credits
THE 561 Systematic Theology I 3 Credits
THE 562 Systematic Theology II 3 Credits
THE 563 Systematic Theology III 3 Credits
THE 571 Christian Apologetics 3 Credits
THE 612 Christian Ethics 3 Credits
THE 661 Biblical Hermeneutics 3 Credits
HIS 502 Church History I 3 Credits
HIS 503 Church History II 3 Credits
MIN 501 Homiletics: Moves & Structures 3 Credits
NTS 523 Pastoral Epistles/NTS 524 Epistles 3 Credits
OTS 511 Pentateuch I 3 Credits
OTS 512 Pentateuch II 3 Credits
CED 612 Writing Research Papers Across the Curriculum 3 Credits
    New Testament Electives 12 Credits
    Old Testament Electives 15 Credits
    General Electives 12 Credits
    Thesis 6 Credits
    Total: 90 Credits