Master of Divinity (M.Div.)

Upon completion of the Master of Divinity program, the graduate should be able to:

  1. Develop a mastery of the Scriptures and Christian doctrine and apply this knowledge to ministries in the U.S. and abroad;
  2. Apply professional ministry skills, counseling techniques, and effective leadership to one’s specific concentration of study;
  3. Defend the church’s worldwide mission of gospel proclamation, discipleship, and social change; and
  4. Formulate ministerial strategies and apply them to a practical research project/thesis.

The Master of Divinity is the basic professional degree for the ministry. It is an advanced program integrating the fields of biblical literature, theological/historical studies, and the practices of ministry. It prepares persons for effective ministry as pastors, church associates, evangelists, chaplains, and a broad variety of ministries. It consists of ninety credit hours of specific and independent studies.

Pre-requisite: One year of beginning Greek. If a student has not taken beginning Greek, this class will be added to the degree program.

This is the breakdown of core curriculum for the Master of Divinity:


Breakdown of core curriculum…

Class Class Description Credits
THE 511 New Testament Theology 3 Credits
THE 512 A Biblical Theology of the Old Testament 3 Credits
THE 562 Systematic Theology I 3 Credits
THE 563 Systematic Theology II 3 Credits
THE 571 Christian Apologetics 3 Credits
THE 612 Christian Ethics 3 Credits
THE 661 Biblical Hermeneutics 3 Credits
HIS 502 Church History I 3 Credits
HIS 503 Church History II 3 Credits
LAN 504 Biblical Greek Exegesis I* 3 Credits
LAN 505 Biblical Greek Exegesis II* or 3 Credits
LAN 507  Beginning Hebrew I* 3 Credits
LAN 508 Beginning Hebrew II* 3 Credits
MIN 612 Pastoral Counseling 3 Credits
MIN 505  Pastoral Leadership 3 Credits
MIN 501 Homiletics: Moves & Structures 3 Credits
NTS 523 Pastoral Epistles 3 Credits
OTS 511 Pentateuch 3 Credits
NTS 501 New Testament Literature 3 Credits
OTS 501 Old Testament Literature 3 Credits
NTS 507 Wealth and Poverty in the Bible 3 Credits
MIN 601 Evangelism and Church Growth 3 Credits
MIN 503 Missiology 3 Credits
CED 612 Writing Research Papers Across the Curriculum 3 Credits
MIN 670 Graduate Research: Theory and Methods 3 Credits
MIN Specialization Electives** 15 Credits
MIN 680 Thesis/Practical Project 6 Credits
Total: 90 Credits


* Language Requirement:  Students can complete their language requirement in one of the following ways:

1.  LAN 504 and LAN 505

2.  LAN 504 and LAN 507

3.  LAN 507 and LAN 508


**Specialization Tracks:  Students can complete degree specialization requirements with courses in one of the following tracks:

1. Ministry: 15 Credits (MIN 507, MIN 511, MIN 602, MIN 623, MIN 604)

2. Chaplaincy: 15 Credits (MIN 613, CCO 560, CCO 610, PSY 525, MIN 640)

3. New Testament Exegesis and Theology: 15 Credits (NTS 565, NTS 566, NTS 567, NTS 568, LAN 509)